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I’ve always heard people say there are good times that follow bad times. When our son Ryland started his life in the NICU we were running into some financial troubles. As a former police officer I quit my career so I could spend every minute possible with my son. Driving back and forth almost 140 miles everyday to the hospital took a toll on us financially. So on our down time we took a risk and started making candles. It was hard the first couple weeks taking what money we had to start pouring candles out of our kitchen. It started generating enough money to help us get back and forth to Huntsville/Birmingham hospitals. 6+ months later we were able to bring our son home after numerous brain surgeries, home oxygen tanks, and medical machines! Our miracle baby is growing stronger every day, our products are sold worldwide and our business continues to grow. This all started in the lowest time of our lives. But now we see what truly can come of the worst trials in our lives. God has a plan for everything, even when it seems there isnt.

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